Property Buyers Match is about helping you fulfil your property ownership dreams.

We support those seeking to own a property within in the 33 London Boroughs and along the Crossrail route to meet other co-buyers and get on the property ladder together.

At Property Buyers Match we understand your fears and frustrations around owning your own property. As individuals, property prices can seem constantly beyond our reach and stringent loan assessment criteria can make borrowing seem almost impossible. However, we also appreciate that owning your own property is of great importance to you. Both the sense of wellbeing as well as the opportunities this creates helps us reach our desired lifestyle goals.

At Property Buyers Match we passionately believe that there is another approach to help you achieve your property ownership goals. We know that you will already have ideas about where you would like to buy your own property in and around London. You will also have preferences around the type of property you would like to buy. However, either an insufficient deposit or income can present both real and seemingly insurmountable barriers to property ownership.

Our free service, to all qualifying members, provides you with the opportunity to join with others and then together work towards removing those barriers to property ownership.

Property Buyers Match provides you with a secure and safe way to match with other members who have the same or similar property ownership goals. Our mission is to support you as co-buyers to reach your property ownership dreams.